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How to self-host Expo webapp with Apache 2.4

This short howto comes from a github pull request not merged.

1. Build your Expo web app

Use the command provided by expo:
$ expo build:web

2. Provide the web-build/ directory to the server

Several ways are available according to your workflow.

For example:

  • copy the web-build/ directory to /path/to/web-build/ on the server with scp or sftp commands. `ssh` server is required on the server. Create distant path (/path/to/) before copying web-build/ directory.
  • configure Continuous Integration to build and deploy the web-build/ directory.

3. Configure Apache webserver

Apache will host the generated static files.

Create a file at /etc/apache2/sites-available/expo.conf with:

<VirtualHost ip-server:80>
    ServerAdmin your-email@address.tld
    ServerName domain-for-the-app
    Alias / /path/to/web-build/
    <Directory /path/to/web-build/>
            Require all granted

You have to change ip-server, your-email@address.tld, domain-for-the-app and /path/to/web-build/ according to your setup.

  • ip-server: IP used by the server to receive requests from the clients
  • your-email@address.tld: e-mail address shown to the client if a server error occurs
  • domain-for-the-app: domain where the files are served to the client. When users go to `http://domain-for-the-app` with a browser, the app will be loaded
  • /path/to/web-build/: path where the web-build/ directory is

4. Enable the new VirtualHost

$ sudo a2ensite expo

5. Restart Apache

$ sudo systemctl restart apache2

6. It works!

Check that the webapp is available at domain-for-the-app with a browser.

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